Coalmont Hotel

Est. 1912



7 days a week from noon on
Annual Ball Poster 1912

From the first Bachelor's Ball in 1912 until the present, generations have been partying here. The good times at the Coalmont are legendary! How was your experience? Please tell us -

"I've gotten to know the folks running the Coalmont and want more than anything to see them succeed at keeping this incredible piece of history an operating Saloon, open for a refreshing adult beverage at the end of a long days ride." ~ www

"As the weekend wore on, and the duo magic ensued, we could feel the ghosts and the cold dry air, the clear water, and the mountain air lift our spirits. The spirit of Coalmont seems revived." ~ Craig Jacks

Easy chairs by the stove

Fully Licenced

Off-sales available

250-295-6066 ~

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